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Necessary tools for camping

Necessary tools for camping

For many outdoor fans, especially those who like camping, it's common to make a fire outdoors to keep warm. But only by the strength of both hands, you can break some small branches, and you can't do anything about those thick branches.

At this time, a handy outdoor tool can make you get twice the result with half the effort~

You mean Swiss Army knife? To tell you the truth, it's not as fast as kicking it. It's not for work. If you want to make it easy, you have to use big ones. After all, it's better to use big ones. But the size is too large and not easy to carry. Today, I recommend a reliable one to you!

This portable folding saw is a pure saw, weighing 215g, with a total length of 40cm and a blade length of 18cm. The length of the saw after folding is only 22cm, which gives consideration to both practicability and portability. When camping in the wild, there is no pressure to carry it with you. It will be very convenient to help you clear the obstacles on the road or collect wood.

The saw blades are made of high carbon steel. The serrations are very sharp and have the sharp teeth of a great white shark.

The handle is made of black soft synthetic rubber, which is comfortable to hold and not easy to slip.

The black button at the front end of the saw handle is a folding lock, which can be closed by gently pressing.


Such a practical and portable folding saw is a good choice as a survival tool in the wild. If you are a horticultural enthusiast, it's OK to keep a garden saw at home~


More details

High quality carbon steel

Made from SK5 high carbon steel high hardness and corrosion.


Non-slip handle

Ergonomically shaped soft handles.


Convenient safety lock

2-stage safety lock, prevents from injury.

Triple teeth saw blade

High frequency treatment, sharp, wear-resistant and durable.


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