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How to use gardening pruning scissors correctly?

How to use gardening pruning scissors correctly?

What's the difference between garden scissors and ordinary scissors?How to use gardening pruning scissors correctly?

1.The difference between gardening scissors and ordinary scissors

①Ordinary scissors have long blade and short handle.Garden scissors, short blade, long handle.It mainly uses the lever principle to increase the arm of force, because cutting branches is always more difficult than paper cutting and cloth cutting.

②The edge of ordinary scissors is straight. When it is used to cut branches, the upper and lower edges are pressed on the branches, which is easy to split the branches.The edge of gardening scissors (pruning scissors) is round. When pruning, the force used makes the upper edge gradually enter the branch, and the lower edge plays the role of supporting the branch, so that the branch will not break.Besides, pruning shears are very labor-saving.


2.The use of gardening scissors

①Adjust the reasonable distribution of branches and leaves.That is, on the basis of shaping, the branch and leaf density, distribution direction and leaf area coefficient of each part of the crown should be adjusted to maximize the effective photosynthetic area of the crown.

②Regulate growth and outcome.In addition, it can prevent the fruit trees from senescence in advance and rejuvenate in time.

③Adjust the proportion of branches.Different tree species and tree age require corresponding and appropriate branch proportion, so that the movement, distribution, consumption and accumulation of nutrients in the tree can be coordinated according to the normal growth and reproduction rhythm.

④Pruning can also balance the growth potential among the population plants and among the main branches of a plant, so as to achieve a balanced yield and facilitate management. In addition, pruning is also a means to coordinate the growth of shoot and root.


3.How to use gardening pruning scissors correctly

①In the use of gardening pruning scissors, the correct holding method should be: the palm of the right hand upward, four fingers together, separated from the thumb, holding the handle of the scissors, scissors blade upward, blade right. When pruning a branch, the left hand and the right hand should cooperate closely. While the right hand holds the cutting forcefully, the left hand pushes the upper end of the branch to the right. With the help of the principle of lever, the branch can be easily cut off. In this way, on the one hand, the fruit trees can be continuously pruned without being too tired; on the other hand, the cut is smooth and the wound is easy to heal; on the other hand, the fruit scissors are not easy to be damaged.


4.Pruning shears good for plants

①Increased blade durability & razor sharp cutting power performance

Sk-5 high quality carbon steel:made from SK-5 high carbon steel,high hardness and corrosion

Easy action spring action:Easier cutting & offers long-lasting protection against rust & corrosion

Easy open safety lock: lock safety closed when not in use.

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