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Home gardening pruning tools

Home gardening pruning tools

Everyone knows that planting plants is very good. As long as there is a place, we will plant more or less some flowers, trees, fruits and vegetables. But there is a tangle in planting plants, that is, the need for pruning care, roses and some bush flowers, once a year, the workload is small. Some trees may be pruned for a longer period of time, but after a few years, if they are not careful, they will grow wildly, and the twigs will turn into big trees, so we need to use appropriate pruning tools to trim them. Therefore, it is necessary to reserve some common gardening pruning tools at home, which can also save time and effort. This paper introduces some common gardening pruning tools.


There are many kinds of gardening pruning tools. The so-called gardening pruning tool is a kind of scissors or saw, but most of the tools designed according to the diameter and cutting height of the branch are manual. For the tree stem with thick diameter, electric or fuel power should be used. I've introduced hedges before. The pruning tools for small leaves on hedges are a bit like hairdressers. They are basically electric. Horticultural scissors suitable for pruning twigs have the highest utilization rate. There is a special name in English called securours. When you go to the store to buy, don't talk nonsense, don't say scissors, and make jokes. Of course, all gardening pruning tools are relatively strong, easy to cut labor-saving, small gardening scissors generally have a spring, so that after cutting, the scissors will automatically open.


In addition to the basic cutting function, there are also some gardening scissors with some additional functions, so you can see a wide range of products when you go to the gardening tool store. The prices of similar products vary a lot. I think for beginners or those who don't often do gardening, they don't have to buy high-end and luxurious ones. The more expensive things are, the more functions they have, the more troublesome they are to use them, and the more frequent they are damaged. For larger diameter branches, lock catch and internal gear are usually used in the design, and the handle can only be cut once after several actions. Some cutting tools also have a supporting arm to use the force of the supporting arm to complete the cutting.


How to decide which kind of gardening scissors? The most basic and most frequently used is the kind of securours, which is necessary. For example, Scissors in the picture above, one is to cut the smallest diameter, and the other can cut the branches a little thicker than the thumb. If you have bigger and thicker branches in your home, add them as needed.


Pay attention to safety: according to statistics, the accidents of tree sawing in Horticulture are the most and the most serious in horticulture, so we should be very careful when sawing trees, wear gloves and protective glasses, pay attention to whether the escalator is safe, and finally pay attention to the landing position and inverted direction of the tree pole.

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