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Notes on pruning roses

Notes on pruning roses

Many friends who have gardens like to plant roses. As long as you choose the right variety and planting area, roses are very easy to take care of, and the flowers returned to the host are rich and colorful, and the flowering period can even span spring, summer and autumn. But "easy to take care of" does not mean not to take care of, every year in late autumn to winter need to do an annual pruning and base fertilizer. This is a very important rose care, do the right time, do a good job, basically a year do not have anything to do work, beautiful wait to enjoy it.


Moderate pruning can help the growth and development of roses, and choosing the right time is one of the methods and technical considerations of pruning rose trees. It is usually best to do it at the end of winter or early spring every year. The end of winter is the dormancy period of roses. At this time, pruning can ensure the concentration of nutrients, and pruning in spring can make the plants grow more luxuriantly.


During the dormancy period, all the residual flowers and leaves on the plant should be cut off, and all the branches with excessive growth or dense growth should be cut short. At this time, it is better not to re cut them, and moderately cut them short. For the weak branches, it is also necessary to comb them to promote the growth and development of the plant.


After flowering, the residual flowers should be pruned, and the flowers and the two compound leaves under the flowers should be cut to avoid the weak branches of bud germination in time, resulting in abnormal flowers and wasting nutrients. Or you can cut off the withered flowers about 10 cm away from the root, trim the yellow leaves and redundant branches, so that the new buds can fully absorb nutrients and promote germination.Not every bud of a rose can blossom, so it is necessary to make a decision in time. Keep the good and cut off the bad in time. In general, only 2-3 new buds are left on the main branch, and the others are removed. In addition, one main bud is kept, and all the side buds are removed, so as to avoid wasting nutrients.


After defoliation and before germination, prune branches, such as diseased branches, weak branches, crossed branches, dead branches and repeated branches, to ensure healthy growth and flowering in the coming year.


Pruning roses with a good pair of scissors makes pruning simple and quick. Here we recommend several easy-to-use pruning shears, good tools can "get twice the result with half the effort", which is absolutely true.


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