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The use of knives in outdoor sports

The use of knives in outdoor sports

Knife is an extremely important and indispensable tool in all kinds of outdoor sports. It also plays a decisive role in life and death in the wild.There is a saying in outdoor sports circles:"One knife, one life."But the knife is also a very special and dangerous tool.

I will introduce all kinds of knives and their attributes in detail, and preliminary explain how to choose knives in outdoor sports and some matters needing attention when using knives.

The knives commonly used in outdoor sports can be divided into four types according to their structure and size:

Pocket knife
Mainly used for food processing, small cutting and cutting, making traps and other detailed work.


Small straight knife
The utility is basically the same as the small folding knife, but stronger and more reliable. The disadvantage is not convenient to carry.


Medium and large straight knife
It is often used in large area cutting and small scale chopping, and can be used to make a variety of other tools (such as harpoons and crutches).


Special knife
It is mainly used for cleaving and chopping to clear debris in a large range, and it plays a great role in places with complex vegetation. You can use an axe in the snow field.


The type of steel, the quality of heat treatment and hardness are the main factors that determine the performance of the tool, but because it involves more professional knowledge, it is also the most difficult to distinguish or even unable to distinguish with general means of three factors.

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