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How to choose an outdoor tent

How to choose an outdoor tent

Generally divided into three quarter account, four seasons account and mountain account. According to the number of users can be divided into single, double, three, multiple accounts.General outdoor stores generally sell three seasons of double account, that is, spring, summer and autumn ordinary recreational camping activities are commonly used, the structure is divided into two layers, single layer account.Double-layer accounts are rainproof and breathable. In summer, when the weather is fine, you don't want a tent outside. Alpine, therefore, double tents are becoming more and more common. The net rod is divided into glass fiber rod and aluminum alloy rod and carbon fiber. Four seasons account is less common, can be used in the winter, but also more thick, the price is higher.Climbing high mountains, especially snow mountains, the application of mountain tents, ventilated, warm and very strong, can prevent 12 gale, general tourism tents are not suitable for mountain areas.

Types of tents
In terms of appearance, camping tents are mainly triangular (also called herringbone), dome-shaped (also called Mongolian bag) and house-shaped (also called family type). From the structure and divided into single-layer structure, double-layer structure and composite structure, from the size of space and divided into two people, three people and multi-person type. Triangle camping tent is a double-layer structure, the support is more complex, wind resistance, thermal performance, rain performance are better, suitable for mountaineering exploration. Dome shaped camping tents are easy to put up, easy to carry, light weight, suitable for general leisure travel use.

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