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What is some recommended gear for a cold weather outdoor camping?

What is some recommended gear for a cold weather outdoor camping?
Winter camping is definitely challenge. You are always fighting to stay warm. From my experience I would make some edits to your list.


Headlamp, not flashlight. You are going to have your hands in gloves or pockets.
Insulated sleeping mat(s). If they are less than a R Value of 4.5 then double up. Foam mats are especially handy to go under inflated mats, and can be used as seats when not sleeping.
Face mask aren't great. They get wet, and dry slowly.
Mittens. Gloves get cold easily, you'll need something that keeps warm
Big down parka. Belay Jackets are the best style. They are designed for not moving, and belaying a climbing partner.
Double Up on pretty much everything. Gloves that you keep in your jacket to be warm, extra socks, and layers, and jackets if you don't have a big thick down jacket.
Merino Wool. It doesn't dry as fast as synthetic, but it's comfortable. It's also more comfortable to wear when wet, which is generally the easiest way to dry things off.
Snow saw and Snow shovels are great for building shelters. Snow caves/Quinzees have a static temperature of zero. Blocks of snow make good walls, and when combined with a tarp make awesome cook shelters. This way you have more room then your clausterphobic tent, but can still hang out.
Snow shovel
Advice. Well I mentioned the double up thing. That is important. Most things get wet and won't dry easily. It's too cold to dry, tents get condensation, so you can't dry stuff there. Inside your sleeping bag is the best place.

Move, and be active. Camping is kinda sedentary. There isn't a lot of movement. But if you aren't moving you are loosing heat. Chop wood, jump up and down, do anything, but most of all stay moving if you can.

Don't inflate your mat, or unpack your sleeping bag until you are ready to get into it. Before you get in run in place, move a ton. If you are basically sweating when you get in then you don't have to worry about your bag filling with cold air. It also makes removing layers, and slipping into the bag easier.
Fatty foods, and protein make a huge difference when it comes to staying warm. Bacon is my personal favourite. I cook it in a pot, then pour whatever else, pasta, couscous, quinoa, in with the bacon fat. It turns on the "meat sweats" and makes things a whole lot warmer, very handy when you aren't moving.

For melting snow, make sure there is a little water in there first.

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