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Garden Tool Careand Maintenance

Garden Tool Careand Maintenance

Whether you own a garden that has already been built or are preparing a new one, there is one thing that is essential - garden tools. When summer comes and flowers are carefully cared for, it's time to clean your garden tools.

After all, regular maintenance helps digging tools keep sharp edges. This also means a new beginning! Follow these principles to increase the life of your garden tools!


After use, clean the soil and water on the tool.
Do not put away the tools immediately before they are thoroughly dried to prevent the metal parts from rusting.
After each gardening season, you can rub flax oil on the wooden top, play a protective role.
Prepare a grinding stone and a knife, often polishing tool notches, pickaxes and mud shovel blades.
Tools contaminated with chemicals should be thoroughly cleaned.

Clean details

All tools should be clean, especially those metal tools, because of the risk of rust, especially moving parts and tools of the joints are very fragile, cracks are prone to dirt and moisture.

Then mix the engine oil into a bucket filled with sand so that it really wets the sand a little, dips the tool into the bucket, and rotates them. The scrub of the sand will remove contaminated dirt, and the oil will protect the metal from rust.

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Deep cleaning

There is also an alternative to deep cleaning: dip the metal end tool in a bucket filled with hot soapy water for 10-15 minutes, then rinse each tool with water.

Once dry, use lubricated scissors and trim to cut the metal heads of metal blades and other tools and wipe off excess.

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Trim the pruning by applying bleach before use or disinfecting with a disinfectant spray before applying it to the plant. If you prune the plant, the pruning should be disinfected to prevent the spread of disease and bacteria.

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How to remove rust

If the tool is rusty, it is recommended to scrub the area with some steel velvet and rust dissolver, which can only be used in well ventilated areas.

Rubber or plastic gloves and safety glasses should also be worn when using gels because they contain hazardous chemicals. You can also use a hard wire brush to remove as much rust as possible, and then apply rust-proof primers and paint to the tool according to the product instructions.

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How to prevent

Rust prevention can use a damp cloth wipe tool, dry well, with a few drops of multi-purpose oil on the paper towel gently applied.

Keeping tools clean, dry and away from moisture storage is a good way to prevent it.

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