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It is more efficient when choosing the right tool

It is more efficient when choosing the right tool

In different planting environments, choosing tools with different functional characteristics will make your gardening life more comfortable and the quality of your plantings higher.

Scale tip shovel

Used to measure the depth required to dig mud pits to transfer the roots of landfill plants.

Wide hand shovel

For shoveling and transplanting.

What should I pay attention to when transplanting plants?

  1. Protect the roots of the plant and bring some soil transplants around the roots.
  2. Properly prune and reduce some yellow dead leaves to reduce the steaming effect at noon.
  3. Choose cloudy or evening.

Potted hand shovel

For plant transfer basins, shoveling surfaces, soil transfer, shoveling ice cubes of rice beans and so on.

Home helper for rice shovel /ice shovel/flour shovel/coffee shovel

Three-toothed loose earth

Suitable for outdoor, home gardening work, shovel loose garden soil, to prevent surface plate.

Benefits of loose soil: loose soil can remove soil plate, clear air, improve ground temperature, prevent evaporation of water below the soil layer, achieve the role of water storage, conducive to soil microbial activities, increase soil nutrient supply capacity, so that plants develop well.


Loosen the soil and dig up weeds.

Stone seam seam puller

Used to remove weeds and scrape moss from walls in stone seams.

Drafter/pull spatula

Used to go deep into the root, seedling quickly and easily, not easy to hurt the main root of the plant.


For plowing soil, digging wild vegetables, onions, etc., turning loose soil clots, digging drainage ditches.

Plant growth needs a certain temperature and air, soil often soaked in water, soil is not easy to circulate, plant roots can not get fresh air, will suffocate. There is too much moisture in the soil, the temperature is not easy to improve, and the roots grow slowly in the ground temperature.

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