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Use and maintenance of large flat shear

Use and maintenance of large flat shear

In landscaping maintenance, large flat shear is often used for seedling pruning maintenance. Large flat shear is one of the most common landscaping maintenance tools. So, how to use and maintain the flat shear? I will share the following experience with you in combination with daily operation.

Usage and skills

Scope of application

The large flat shears are mostly used in the pruning of hedgerows and hedgerows. They are suitable for pruning tender buds, twigs and long branches. They can also be used for pruning perennial roots, flower branches and rhizomes of aquatic plants and ornamental grass. It is not suitable for pruning the strong branches of trees and shrubs or other hard materials.

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Use of strength

The intensity of pruning should be moderate, which can not only improve the pruning efficiency, but also save physical strength. To avoid the use of brute force, on the one hand, it is easy to damage the knife edge, on the other hand, it is also easy to cause loose bite of the knife edge, or other damage to the scissors. Operations cannot be forced.

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Blade use

The wide blade should be close to the plant body, and the narrow blade should be close to the removed branches. For large flat shear, do not point the blade at yourself or others to avoid accidental injury.

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Flat and curved use

When using the flat trim, it can be used to fix the height and trim out the flat shape, such as the long strip hedge; when using the curved trim, it is mainly used to trim the shrub ball to make the arc surface and curved surface smooth and natural.

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Daily maintenance

Oil and clean regularly

Oil the knife edge of the large flat shear regularly and oil the connecting part (hinge). The blade is oiled, which can be used to prevent rust and keep the blade sharp. The connecting parts are oiled to facilitate smooth operation and not easy to appear operation stagnation.

Oiling and cleaning should be completed in time after use.

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Blade grinding

After a certain time of use, the blade will be rusty and dull. At this time, the blade needs to be properly polished to keep the blade sharp and easy to use. When the blade is damaged, take measures to repair it in time.

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Adjust the connector

Before operation, the general large flat shear shall be tested for the purpose of using hand and force saving. When the bite between blades is too tight or too loose, spanner and other tools can be used to adjust the connecting parts (hinges) between the blades to achieve the purpose of adjusting the tightness.

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After use, it is generally stored in a dry warehouse. If there is a protective cover, the blade should be covered at any time. Keep away from water, or store in humid environment, and prevent blade from contacting corrosive liquid.

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It is not suitable to hang it outside in the open air.

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1.Wear gloves and pay attention to safety protection when using large flat shear.

2.You can properly prepare more common garden tools, such as pruning shears, hedge machines, etc., and use them in combination.

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