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What garden tools include

What garden tools include

The commonly used tools of landscaping management include garden tools, garden machinery and chemical fertilizers, pesticides, transportation machinery and so on.Among them, garden tools refer to non-mechanical garden tools. There are many common garden tools, including cutting tools, spraying tools, digging tools and other auxiliary tools.

Cutting tools mainly include: Branch shear, common leaf shear, big grass cutting, strong shear, high branch shear, high branch saw, Hand Pruning Saws, knife, axe, etc.

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Spray garden tools include: water cart, manual high pressure spray can, hand spray can, hand spray device, portable fixed point water refillers, garden sprinkler and drip irrigation equipment, sprinkler, etc.

Excavation tools include: shovel, hoe, spade, rake and so on.

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Other tools include a spatula or screwdriver for picking weeds, a rake for lawn sand, a bucket, a flower arrangement, a gourd ladle, a cart, etc.

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