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How to buy pruning scissors in gardening scissors

How to buy pruning scissors in gardening scissors

1.Choose brand scissors

Many big brands of pruning shears manufacturers, production technology is relatively mature, quality and technology follow-up is also relatively fast.

If you are a professional horticultural staff, you should choose those big brand pruning scissors. The pruning shears of large brands, whether in terms of workmanship or quality, are very guaranteed. In contrast, the service life of these large brands is longer and more suitable for use.

2.Select the length of the corresponding blade

Some pruning scissors have longer blades, while others have shorter blades. If you often repair those extra thick branches, you should buy pruning scissors with longer blades, otherwise you should buy pruning scissors with shorter blades.


3.Is the lock convenient and comfortable to use

When choosing pruning shears, you must feel whether the lock is convenient and comfortable to use. The lock of those high-quality pruning shears is smooth to use, and it is easy to unlock and close the lock.


4.The spring performance is better

When choosing pruning shears, we should choose those pruning shears with better spring performance, so in the process of purchase, we can actually feel the spring performance of pruning shears. If the spring rebound of pruning shears is relatively strong and stable in the process of opening and closing, the quality of pruning shears will not be too bad.


5.Choose one that is easy to clean

It is better to choose those which are easier to clean, because pruning and pruning often will have some stains. Those who are easier to clean will not easily leave stains on the scissors. For example, Teflon coating will be available on the surface of many pruning shears. This coating can effectively prevent the scissors from rust.


6.Choose steel scissors

We should pay special attention to the quality of the tip of the pruning shears. Generally speaking, many pruning shears are made of steel now. It is better to choose those imported steel pruning shears. After using these materials for a long time, the hardness of these pruning shears is relatively high. In the process of using, such pruning shears are not easy to crack, and the quality is relatively guaranteed .


7.Choose the one with high friction

Try to choose the friction force of handshake is relatively large, and the thick branches that pruning shears touch during pruning are more. If the friction force of handshake is very large, it is not easy to slide down during the process of pruning. In addition, you can actually feel the handshake of pruning. If it is comfortable to use, there is no big or too small condition, it is more appropriate to use such pruning.


8.Choose a pruner that is easy to hold

Try to choose a pruner that is easy to hold. For example, some pruning shears only have two handshakes. It's better to choose the ones with holes to shake hands. In this way, the pruning scissors with holes to shake hands are not easy to fall off and hit their own feet.

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