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How do I plant succulents in glass containers?

How do I plant succulents in glass containers?

It is the same as any other container. The important part it to see if this container has drain holes or not. If it has, then you can use it like for any other. Some glass container can get hot if exposed to too much sun light, but for succulents, this shouldn’t be too much problem.

If the container doesn’t have drain holes, now it would be troublesome. There are a lot of DIYs which use this type of container disregarding the danger it poses to the plants. Some Succulents are quite sensitive to overwatering and too wet. You have to select the plant you want to plant very carefully. And then, you also have to arrange the plant neatly. Succulents in closed container without holes don’t grow as well in clumps or other arrangements. The best plan is to have them individually, one for each conntainer. This allows you to observe the plant more carefully and regulate watering. The watering should be done with care as well, depending on the size of the plant/container, you can use spoon both to check the soil /medium if it has dried enough and to water it, a spoon at a time.


Generally, trying to grow succulents in closed glass container should be done by one already experienced and familiar with growing succulents. It isn’t suitable for first time hobbyists.

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